Training Workshops

All CRC Training and Support Services are custom designed to meet the needs of your school and staff. Following are six basic training offerings which provide a foundation upon which we build your workshops.

School-wide Overview Workshops on Restorative Justice in Education (RJE)
Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools
  • A school-wide introduction to Restorative Practices. Half or full day.
  • Sets the tone for the year and offers some practical tools with which to begin
Exploring Restorative Practices
  • Variety of short, 2 – 4 hour workshops focused on various aspects of RJE
Creating Healthy Learning Cultures
What Is Restorative Justice In Education (RJE)?
  • Three or four day Foundations of Restorative Practice workshop
  • Includes: philosophy of RJE, Restorative Language in dealing with discipline, Introduction to Restorative Circles
  • Includes planning time for participants to address implementation
What Is More Effective Than Punishment? A Restorative Language Workshop
  • Two or three day workshop on Restorative Language
  • Addresses: difference between consequences and punishment, effect of punitive culture on learning brain
  • Provides: practical tools to teach accountability and responsibility for harmful behavior
Circle Training Workshops
Community Building Circles
  • Three day Introduction to the foundations and structure of the Circle process
  • These circles are for building community, discussion, planning, teaching and for support
Using Circles to Repair Harm
  • Two to three day workshop building on previous Circle experience
  • Addresses how to effectively use Circle process to address and resolve serious conflict and harm.