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Recommended Videos for Developing Restorative Practices

Restorative Justice For Oakland Youth (RJOY)

Restorative Justice In Education

Videos Providing Overview Of Restorative Practices In Schools

Videos That Focus On Restorative Circles In Schools

TEDx Talks About The Paradigm Shift Required To Create Healthy Schools

  • School Suspensions are an Adult Behavior
    There is an epidemic of school suspensions in the U.S. and the downstream consequences are severe. Adults suspend students, and while that may sound obvious, Rosemarie Allen realized that the problem might be the solution. 12:23 minutes

Responding To Respect, Kindness, Love – How We Learn Best

Videos and Article about Kindness Projects in Schools

The following videos are not strictly about Restorative Justice and Circles. However, they are addressing the same issues that are foundational in Restorative Practices—our values, how we treat one another, the power of our words and actions to build up or destroy.