Restorative Paradigms & The Circle

Three or Four-Day Circle Training Workshop

Level: Intermediate
Topic: Training workshops in Restorative Circles
Length: 3-4 days

This is considered an Intermediate Level Training because it is assumed that participants will have some prior knowledge and/or experience of the philosophy of Restorative Justice. It is recommended that Circle training participants first attend a workshop (or have done some comprehensive reading) on the basic foundations of Restorative Practices.

CRC’s intermediate level Circle Training deepens the learning and increases skill and confidence for teachers and other staff who wish to incorporate Circles into their classrooms for everything from community building activities, to engaging class in serious discussions, to dealing with disruptions and conflict.

In this training, participants will:

  • Study the historical foundations of authentic Restorative Circles and the structure of the Circle process;
  • Experiment with practical applications and role-plays;
  • Explore the restorative paradigm in which the Circle and Restorative Justice in Education are rooted,
  • Identify the core values, core assumptions and the philosophy of Circle practice,
  • Examine the relationship between our patterns of thought and our behavior,
  • Look at the role of Circles in transforming conflict into an opportunity to heal and build relationships,
  • Discuss challenges in Circles and how to deal with them.

The Four-day Training Workshop allows more time for practice, for trouble-shooting, Q&A, and additional time for participants to discuss and plan together for their schools—something that former participants have said they found incredibly valuable.

Using the Circle was a great way for students to start class. It allowed me to discuss what we were going to be doing, gave them am opportunity to share constructively and provided nice closure at the end of class. I found that these five and six year olds were far more focused, productive and cooperative when I made time for the Circle at the beginning. In fact, they often ask for their Circle Time!

Sarah D.
Theater Education Instructor
Duluth, Minnesota